Town of Taos

Full of history and rich with culture Taos remains one of the Southwest’s most unique towns.

In and around town culture is lively and apparent all around in local artwork, food, music, architecture and historical places .

Galleries and boutiques line the Plaza and and surrounding streets with work from local artisans as well as world renowned artists. Stroll down Artists’ Row to discover the Harwood Museum of Art and the Blumenschein Home and Museum.

There are many restaurants in Taos with classic New Mexican cuisine and the food of many other cultures often only found in large cities.

The local music and performance scene is most active in and around Town, from the Taos Inn and Alley Cantina near the Plaza, to KTAO Solar Center and Taos Mesa just outside Town.

The Plaza itself is a great example of local history, a consequence of Spanish colonialism, although it is without a church. Other nearby historical buildings have been turned into museums, including the Kit Carson Home and Museum.